Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Catching up and catching my breath: I'm a Stylist in the making - Fashion's Finest Renaissance

Well, it certainly has been a long while since I’ve posted anything and some would say that I am void of excuses for this! But in my defence, my life has been nothing short of hectic over the past few months! I have simply struggled to redeem time!

But amidst the mania, there has been progress and productive moments: I am pleased to share that I have begun to build my portfolio as an aspiring Stylist!

So, I figured, it would be a good idea to put together a mini series to share some snippets over the next couple of weeks and give a summary of what I have worked on thus far.

Well let’s start with the most recent - Fashion’s Finest Renaissance!
Fashion’s Finest Renaissance is a two part series of Fashion Shows, one which took place on Sunday 16th at Jewel Bar, Covent Garden and the other due to take place on the 30th.
These events are founded on the concept of creating a platform for aspiring Fashion Designers to showcase their collections.

To my delight, I was asked to come on board and be the Head Stylist for both shows by the CEO, Sola Oyebade of Mahogany International - the enterprise that produces these events.

This entailed more work than I actually anticipated (I didn’t just rock up on the day and do my thang – oh no!) Leading up to the event, I was responsible for directly liaising with at MUAs and hair stylists to discuss the hair and make-up concepts, sourcing and liaising with models, contacting the designers, getting resources and other logistics! It really was hands on! A little overwhelming and stressful too, at times, as I already have a full time job so it actually felt as though I was working two jobs!

But with all that said, I am glad of the experience as I am sure it will prove to be invaluable, so no complaints. Also as this is now the fourth show that I've worked on, the stress levels were a little lower and I'm now finding that I'm "coming into my own"!

On the actual day of the show, I co-ordinated the entire production from backstage, as well as styling and had the pleasure of working with some fantastic designers, models and MUAs.

The end result was a well attended, well turned out success and I received really positive feedback. Phew!
Until next week, when it all starts again!

Here is some of the backstage action:

Styling one of the models in an AAMAA Couture garment.
Blue creation: securing a dress by designer TINA LOBONDI
Queuing the models for the runway 

Myself with one of my favourite Designers of African Printed garments: Toyosi Moby [left], the mastermind behind the aforementioned AAMAA COUTURE. A model (Samantha Watson-centre) dons one of her creations.
Models in chiffon dresses also by KAMONDI COUTURE , the designers stand on the far left and right.

Perks of the job: the gorgeous, chiselled-featured duo Jayson and Jason sport two ME CLOTHING aviator jackets by Designer Adam Benjamin

Looking the business: the models await their turn on the runway in tailored shirts and suits by KAMONDI COUTURE

Fruit of my labour