About Me: Sharna-Marie

I am a personality that is fun-loving and care-free, but appropriately serious and determined, out-going and friendly, but at times appearing reserved and mysterious - such are the complexities of me! 

Fashion is one of my fortes and I appreciate it in its many forms and believe it to be a wonderful means of self-expression. 
I am ever keenly interested in exploring this form of art, although, I by no means claim to have a vast wealth of knowledge about all things Fashion or know absolutely everything that there is to know! However, I believe I have a “good-eye”, great style and a voice with which I wish to share my opinions, random ramblings and little thoughts on Fashion and Beauty via my blog.

Having studied Personal Fashion Styling at London College of Fashion, I will also share some knowledge and style tips which I do hope is found to be useful!

I am a former Personal Shopper for Topshop and an emerging Fashion Stylist and I'm on a journey in the Fashion Industry! 

Thanks so much for reading…x