Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011 - Highlights

Graduate Fashion Week swung around again last week (5th-8th June) at Earls Court 2, London.
The initiative behind this event is to provide a platfom for the best BA Graduate fashion designers from Universities across the UK to showcase their talent.

What tickles me about GFW is that there is always plentiful evidence that these creative innovators of tomorrow truly believe in "stepping out of the box", veering away from conventionality and bravely venturing into the world of unrestricted originality. It is definitely one of the fashion scenes where you can behold creativity at it's best. I admire the use and juxtaposition of multiple shapes, concepts and colours. 
It's refreshing that with GFW there really are no rules or criteria, just free reign to concoct the kookiest, quirkiest and wackiest of fashion.
The fun element of fashion is harnessed and what you therefore experience is this:

Rachel Cogley

Nicola Chisnall

Laura Sorensen

Edward Lord
Edward Lord

Sarika Pancholi
Lucy Penney
Laura Jane Bailey

[Images courtesy of Photographer, Rob Sheppard -]


  1. Very interesting pieces, the hairy bag really caught my attention!!

  2. Absolutely! The hairy bag is what stood out to me too!
    Really quirky, huh?
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting x