Thursday, 28 April 2011

Get Wedged In!

Now that we have finally and decisively placed the winter boots, en masse, to the back of the wardrobe; it's time, once again, to indulge in the ritual of summer footwear purchasing!

The gorgeous, practical and dependable wegde has appeared amongst the micro-trends again this season and they are an absolute must-have!

Excitingly, there is an abundance of designs to choose from! Here is a selection that you may want to put your best (pedicured) foot forward in:

Taupe patent £75.00

Dusk Brown ankle strapped £59.50

Matte Black £60.00
Fuschia Espadrilles £75.00




Kurt Geiger

Taupe embellished £95.00 [Carvela]

Cow print £210.00

Canary Yellow
Espadrilles £100.00

Tan Brown
with bronze stud detail £150.00

Deep red with
gold glitter embellished wedge £160.00
Deep mauve suede
wedged courts £40.00
Pea green
suede wedged courts £55.00

Brown and navy slim wedge £50.00
Aqua Espadrilles
£60.00 [DV Dolce Vita]

Their versatility as well as the variety that wedges are available in means that they can be teamed with a range of outfits for various occasions: from jeans to trousers to skirts to dresses. 

Style Tips: Now, one useful style tip to remember for determining the correct type of wedge for your outfit is that the weight of the shoe should always match the weight of the hemline. For example, if you are wearing a silk dress; a wedge in a soft, lightweight fabric would compliment it as opposed to a heavy suede or matte leather. This will ensure the scaling proportions are equal.

If you happen to have very slim legs and ankles, it may be best to opt for the slightly slimmer, slender type of wedge, instead of the thick, block wedge in order to avoid the appearance of disproportionately larger, broader feet.

If you have legs and ankles that are on the larger side, avoid choosing wedges with an ankle strap as this will unfortunately create the awful illusion of thicker, shorter ankles and legs, which I'm sure none of us would want!

Here are some wedged beauties that I bought myself recently from Reiss -

Stone grey suede £159.00

What are your wedges of choice this season?

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