Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2010

If the above title brings a wave of clueless intrigue, I have only one question for you: where on earth have you been?! 

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is the huge, glittering and glamorous fashion event/shopping spree/display involving London’s popular retailers, boutiques and fashion houses.
It spans across the next couple of days and the globe!
The concept as quoted by Vogue is a “London spectacle and celebration of retail”.

It started off in London last night and like most fashionistas I was highly expectant of and enthused about tottering around the high streets and indulging in the diverse grandeur frivolity, particularly from the High-End Retailers.

There was a plethora of things to experience, as promised. Ranging from mini Fashion Shows, to make-overs, to fashion talks, free manicures, free cocktails!

However, due to time constraints and the lack of the ability to transport my body from one store to the next within a nano-second, disappointingly I only managed to visit 6 stores.

Here's what I discovered on my travels:

My friend and I kicked off our galavanting in River Island, Where we were delighted to find...

My friend Lillian taking full advantage of the free Martinis!

..a free Martini Cocktail Bar!

 House of Fraser appeared to "pull out the stops" as their celebration was compounded with the launch of the Biba brand, so shoppers were treated to a rather polished mini Fashion Show...

I was also quite taken with the beautiful visual merchandising - a creative use of colour blends, shapes and texture..

At the Emporio Armarni stop, it was rumoured that this was the grandest affair of them all, with visitations from an array of celebrities.

A crowd formed outside patient and hopeful of a glimpse of one.
Can you make out who this is?

 An interesting theme from the display at Zara..

Free manicures..
...And free makeovers!
Look who we discovered..
There was a real buzz and lively atmosphere at Mulberry!

Most definitely looking forward to next year's Vogue's Fashion's Night Out!

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