Saturday, 9 July 2011

Style File: Victoria Beckham - Pregnant And Still Prim!

It has to be mentioned: Victoria Beckham does look pretty good in her pregnancy! She seems to have had a fortunate escape from signs of swollen ankles, bloatedness, skin break-outs or any other horrid ways that the body can sometimes alter during those 9 months of having a "bun in the oven" - much to her relief, I'm sure.
What's more, her wardrobe doesn't appear to have altered much either during her pregnancy - no frumpy floral maternity dresses or detestable dungarees for this singer turned fashion designer. In fact she has managed to maintain her impeccable style with ease throughout her pregnancy and be as consistent as ever with churning out one stylish outfit after the other. Clearly, the nonchalance with maintaining a great appearance due to the exhaustion of pregnancy is completely alien to Victoria. But hey, would we really expect anything less from this style icon who is reknowned for her efforts to always look her pristine best?!
Here's some of her latest "get-up":

I love this structured jacket - the silk lapelle and broad shoulder detail adds interest and is great for those with narrow shoulders. She has teamed it perfectly with the over-sized clutch.
Don't you just love that little rectangular bag? Very versatile.
I need to get myself a pair of skinny leather trousers!
There's just so much I like about the first outfit - the woollen jumper dress: the loose-fit and how comfortable and easy it is to wear. Also the fantastic way that she has accessorised the dress with that lovely scarf in a low-contrast colour (thumbs up!), the suede ankle boots (absolutely fab!) and tote bag. This dress is a good option for slim, angular or cuvacious (slim) body types alike and is great for the AW 11 wardrobe!
The leather trim on that casual LBD (second image) adds a touch of pizzazz to what would otherwise be a very plain dress, and again, those great ankle boots.. Love!
This is quite inspiring and I hope to look equally as good when I am pregnant!

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