Monday, 5 December 2011

Oh Beyoncé! You are beautiful, but where are your clothes, my dear?!

I was one of the millions of viewers, undoubtedly, who was intently watching ITV's "An audience with Beyoncé"  last night.
It has to be said, the girl's really been blessed with some raw talent. Her stage presence and commitment to her performances is unparalleled and as a fellow singer, I do also appreciate her incredible, effortless vocal ability.

However, I have a a little gripe with our friend Bey, I'm afraid, and that is her apparent increasing desire to be "scantily clad"! A particular example being the ridiculously risqué embellished catsuit (below) that she donned on the stage during last night's performance. The design and flesh-coloured fabric was very blatantly structured to make her appear to be almost naked (tut-tut), with just a few sequins and diamontés strategically placed to partially conceal her modesty.
Suffice to say, there was almost nothing left to the imagination. 
Beyoncé has a fantastic body with covetable curves in all of the right places, but some of them should really just be for Jay-Z's eyes only.

The revealing catsuit, ITV performance

Here's another "barely there" (and trés tacky) outfit that Beyoncé rocked back in 2009:

MTV Music Awards 2009 - Red corset and suspenders...really, Bey? Oh, this is very disappointing! 
It seems to be all the rage for artists to parade in next to nothing whilst gyrating erotically across the stage - Rihanna is an avid believer in this, as is JLo, Lady Gaga and even our Kelly Rowland appears to have jumped on that bandwagon. These are all attractive and beautiful women who have no need to strip off in order to be viewed as such.

"But it's a stage outfit and she's an artist..", I hear you say. But is that ever really a viable excuse to be indecently exposed? 
I ask you: does a breast or derrière cease to be what it is just because it is being displayed on a stage as opposed to the street?

What is of paramount concern is that these artists are essentially "role models" to the impressionable young girls of today who hold them in high esteem. They are being conditioned to believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to attire and sadly will desire to emulate this type of tacky dress-sense.

It is not my wish to come across as self-righteous but I am expressing these views in the hope of stimulating thought and encouraging modesty.

One of my mottos that I have in regards to fashion and displaying dignity and class that I would like to share is this: you can be appealing without revealing.
Don't subscribe to the lie, ladies - less is definitely NOT more and certainly not at the expense of your dignity.

On the flip side, and in the spirit of striking a balance in this argument,  here are some images of Beyoncé where she looks postively stunning, classy....and fully dressed!

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