Saturday, 24 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week - S/S 2012 - Gucci Blazer Beauties

"Ok, so I seriously just want absolutely EVERYTHING I see..!!" - My first thoughts whilst intently watching the Gucci S/S '12 Fashion Show from Milan Fashion Week on Vogue this week
The blazers, in particular, were blazing! (Sorry, a tad cheesy, I know!)

I have a thing for blazers at the moment, I tend to go through these little phases where I must have as many as I can possibly get my hands on of one particular fashion item- in varying versions, of course! 

A couple of months ago it was all things leopard print (although I had to curb that desire after a few weeks as it was just getting ridiculous!)

For the present moment, the collarless, cropped blazers and jackets are really drawing me in!
These were prominent on the Gucci catwalk for S/S '12, with splashes of embellishments to add some spice!

I'm sure it can be unanimously agreed that Frida Giannini was "right on the money" with these designs - they are just beautiful:

I love the strong structure with straight lines and the "sculptural glamour".
These blazers are perfect for angular shaped upper bodylines.

Now, where's my credit card...!

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