Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kate and John

Kate Winslet is absolutely smouldering in her second installment as "poster girl" for the brand St John in their Spring 2012 ad campaign.

The striking, sultry look in her eyes, the solid pose, the great use of bright lighting, flawless make-up and the flattering muted pink  knitted jumper that she's modelling - revealing a little shoulder (in a classy manner!), all cohesively create a super-chic and stunning image.

The second shot takes on a more relaxed tone as she reclines on the couch looking effortlessly elegant.
The combining of the deeper, low contrasting hues 
(i.e. dress, the couch and background) offset by the snakeskin clutch works very well.

It's no wonder that the Creative Director for the ad campaign, George Sharp, has claimed that women have displayed "receptiveness to her beauty.."

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